My Life-Changing Results On Isagenix

I was introduced to Isagenix by a client of mine back in February of 2010.  At that time, I didn’t believe in cleansing products because my college professors educated me to believe that the body doesn’t need anything other than healthy food to cleanse itself of environmental toxins and impurities.  But because of my client’s belief in Isagenix (and my own curiosity), I decided to check them out.

I not only went to every possible corporate event for a year, but I studied up on the company as a whole, it’s founders, and every single product it sold.  When it came down to the facts, I was surprised to find Isagenix to be an extremely credible company offering amazing (organic and all-natural) products with proven scientific results and countless success stories!  I also found that, even though they taught is as a nutritional cleanse, it’s nothing more than the purist vitamins and minerals.  There were no artificial ingredient or colors or fillers to be found.

With this new found information, I decided that I would test out Isagenix on myself (March 2011).  Like many health professionals, I have to believe in a product in order to recommend and put my name behind it.  I had no idea what to expect, but was completely shocked with my results.

First off, I lost 3% body fat (from 8% to 5%) in 30 days.  I also would wake up with enough energy and focus to last all day (I no longer need my mid-day naps.).  And to top it all off, my back issues that I have been dealing with since I was “15” went away in a matter of 2 weeks!  Honestly, that result alone made me completely believe in Isagenix, their vision, and their products!

Because of my research and the results that I “personally” received, I made Isagenix the “must have product” for my clients. Before implementing Isagenix, I was becoming very frustrated with the lack of progress some clients were showing.  Even with the most pristine diet and workout plan, they were not seeing results.  It was amazing to see that, in a matter of a week on Isagenix, they were losing anywhere from 2 to 15 pounds!   The weight and inches that they have been trying to lose for over a YEAR came off in a matter of weeks!

There’s no better feeling than to see a client literally transform in a matter of a week.  I truly believe that extra weight, stress, sleepless nights, lack of mental clarity, depression, disease, sickness, energy etc, can be remedied with proper nutrition; and I’ve seen it first hand.  Isagenix demands the best ingredient’s on the planet and I believe that their products are essential for optimal health.  My clients look and feel better on Isagenix; and that’s a great feeling!


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