What is Isagenix?

In 2002, Master Formulator and Isagenix Founder John Anderson launched a new health & wellness revolution—whole-body nutritional cleansing and replenishing— specifically engineered to help combat the world’s growing health crisis instigated by our increasingly toxic environment.

John believes today’s worldwide health epidemic can largely be traced to an abundance of pollutants, nutritionally- deficient food and our body’s inability to keep pace with ridding itself of impurities, which can compromise health.

With the general state of health declining, John believes it is crucial for people to embrace a new whole-body nutritional cleansing and replenishing lifestyle, so people can experience a greater standard of living through optimal health and wellness.

To share this initiative with the world, John knew there was just one call he needed to turn his vision into a reality: Jim and Kathy Coover. This unbeatable, dynamic duo combined their legendary network marketing success and vast nutrition experience with an undeniable passion to help Isagenix become the No. 1 health-and- wellness company on earth. Today, with over $1 billion in cumulative sales, the Isagenix mission is to do no less than save the world from nutritional and environmental toxicity.

Check out the video below for more information.


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