Why Choose Isagenix Over The Competition

How is they better than other nutritional systems?

Isagenix products provide the body with the essential nutrients needed to function like is is created to do. Isagenix nutritional cleansing is not the same as other cleanses currently on the market. Many cleanses use stimulants, diuretics, laxatives and (many times) artificial ingredients to shed gunk and foreign substances from the colon; while Isagenix uses (only) all-natural and organic vitamins and minerals to help your body rid itself of harmful substances, naturally.  It not only cleanses the colon, but also provides the “entire” body the ability to detox and heal at a “cellular” level!

How is Isagenix different from what I find elsewhere?

As you may not know, the supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA.  Because of this, supplement companies are able and have been known use lower quality ingredients to cut production costs and increase profit. To make matters even worse, research has show some companies to add fillers (to make the product look like a bigger, better deal) as well as have completely different nutritional ratios than what is depicted on their nutritional labels.

Isagenix is not one of those companies.  They use ONLY the highest quality ingredients in all of their products and spend millions of dollars to have there products 3rd party tested for quality and potency to not only meet, but exceed FDA standards.  And to show that Isagenix truly works, a recent clinical study shows that the Isagenix system (in a 30 day period) builds more lean muscle and releases more body weight, more body fat (including visceral fat) and more oxidative stress than the American Heart Association’s leading “heart-healthy” diet!

Try It For Yourself! With A 30-Day Guarantee, You Have Nothing To Lose!

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