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Eric James Hanusa

Hi! My name is Eric Hanusa. I am the owner of BodyFit LA. I have a “bachelors of science” degree specialized in Health & Wellness. I have been working as a professional personal trainer for well over 15 years with clients ranging from 9 to 90.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, or get stronger, or get off medication, or to just build a sexier body… My track record and reviews show that I get my clients there. If that is what you want too, contact me today and let’s get started. 

I look forward to guiding you into a happier, healthier lifestyle!

What We Will Cover In Our Sessions Together

I specialize in coaching people to exceed their health and fitness goals. 

I do that by first optimizing my client’s diet and nutrition. This is the ONLY way to lose the excess fat and obtain the physique you say you want. It will also help you sleep better, look younger, and live longer.

Then, we will focus on the proper type of fitness regimen to get you strong. Getting strong will fix your back and body pains, build lean sexy muscles, and make you feel like you are a kid again.

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