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Brett C. – “I worked with Eric for a number of years with tremendous results. He is always reliable and good natured… and persistent! Not only did he get me to look forward to my weekly sessions, he also took the time to guide me with my nutrition, which I definitely needed help with. He always makes himself available for advice or help. I lost almost 30lbs to get down to my goal weight for which I was extremely thankful. I have kept most of it off since then and his guidance has kept me maintaining a much healthier lifestyle than I had before. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to get/stay fit and healthy.”

Lorraine W. – “Eric is an amazing trainer. He really helped me to maintain my fitness goals and commit to my exercise routine. His knowledge of weight training and proper technique is critical for me to stay on track without putting any undo wear or stress on my joints or tendons. He is also very flexible and able to meet at my local gym or even the gym at my home. Always on time and very fair with his pricing and discount packages. If your looking to jump start your workout routine look no further. Highly recommended!”

Jill M. – “Eric has worked for years with my sister-in-law and she highly recommended him when I wanted to give my husband a gift of a personal trainer for this birthday – this was actually a selfish gift because I wanted to get him off high blood pressure pills and start him on a healthy weight loss program.

He is an engineer – so following a plan works well for him.  He worked with Eric for about 6 months and in that time, he lost 65#, is off both the high blood pressure pills and is so much healthier!  So we all are happy – myself, our kids and our grandkids…

Eric is steadfast in his encouragement, dedication to the task and kept my husband “tasked” the entire workout — the expression is “I’m going to go see the torturer” whenever he left for the gym, but he came back with saying “I lived!” and the results are remarkable.

Recommend Eric to anyone!”

Sahil C. – “Eric is the best!

He’s super knowledgable about fitness and nutrition. Very clear he’s been doing this for a long while and has seen results. He’s super patient and listens to what your goals are works with you closely (tracking, apps, text guidance) to help you get there. Also he’s a really cool guy. Highly recommend!”

Truman A. – “I’ve trained with Eric a few times over the years, and he is consistently the best. Listens to what your goals are and works with you to manage a plan to achieve them. I specifically was looking to lose weight and he helped me do that with GREAT results.

Eric is VERY patient (sorry for having to take so many breaks during our workouts!) but also pushes you to get the best out. While working out with him in the gym, he will have you doing so much more than you thought you were capable of. He knows his way around a gym and around a kitchen. If you have questions about nutrition, Eric will always have an answer. He’s knowledgable about the science and practices behind foods and eating and helps you to understand as well. He went so far as to curate a personalized shopping list for me to make cooking easier.

I cannot recommend him enough.”

Brianna F. – “Eric is a persistent and very dedicated trainer! He possesses a wealth of knowledge and is overall the best trainer/nutritionist I’ve found in the San Fernando Valley area. He has been helping me lose weight via the Keto diet, to which he’s been researching for quite a while now, as well as helping me tone up areas of my body that I feel insecure about. I started noticing results within the first week of training with him. He is extremely positive and very motivating to work with. I can count on him for just about anything! Thanks Eric for being such a kind and enthusiastic trainer! You’re the best!”

Scott. P – “I have been training with Eric for two months now.  He’s a great trainer. Highly recommend him. Don’t put it off if you’ve been thinking about hiring a trainer.  Get started with Eric. You’ll be happy you did. He’s helping me with chronic back pain and I feel great after these two months.  He also keeps tabs on my diet and encourages healthy eating habits.”

Ellen G. – “My husband and I both trained with Eric 3 times a week for a year. He has education and credentials that really set him apart from other trainers and he helped me completely sculpt my body and  massively increase my strength. I love that he understands the importance of nutrition and was able to assist us in a complete program, utilizing cutting edge technologies that help with energy and weight loss. Fitness is Eric’s passion and he  consistently shows up with great dedication to his clients and always very professional. I highly recommend him if you are really ready to make a change…in the way you look and the way you feel! If you train with Eric you can expect great results!”

Paul G. – “Eric is simply an awesome trainer. His knowledge in all areas of fitness and nutrition make his routines and programs incredibly effective for fat loss and muscle gain. His patience was extremely helpful to me since I have had some major injuries to deal with. He’s also just a great guy – always consistent, fun, and kind to my family. Proud to be a client!”

Renetta A. – “I’ve been training with Eric, off and on for a couple of years. My work requires that I travel for long periods of time, and Eric is always there for me when i return! I’ve tried other trainers, but Eric is the most supportive, knowledgable and caring one I have ever gone to. He pushes me so that I get the best work out that I am able to do. He’s a hands on trainer helping with nutrition, physical well being, as well emotional support that comes with making a life changes that lead to a healthier life. There is no time like the present… I cannot recommend Eric enough! I leave every session like I am on my way to the best version of me!”

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