Lifting Belts


The beginner belts listed below have worked for many of my new clients when first starting a strength training program. If you are squatting or deadlifting close to or above 200lbs already, scroll down to the “advanced lifting belts” section.

  • Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt (This is a good starter belt, but is the least recommended due to it being difficult to get tight enough for optimal support.)


These lifting belts are fantastic and will last you forever. If you plan on sticking with a strength training program, I highly recommend getting one of these belts over the above beginner belts as you will quickly surpass squat lifts and deadlift lifts over 200lbs.

A 3 Inch Belt Is Great For All Heights And Sizes (This Is The Most Versatile Belt Size And Can Be Used For All Olympic Lifts.)

A 4 Inch Belt Should Only Be Purchased By People With Long Torsos. I Normally Only Recommend A 4″ Belt To People Over 5’11” Who Are Wanting A Dedicated Squat Belt.

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