Edson G.

“If you want to be a better human, health-wise,  get in the gym with Eric! Im a ex-college athlete and have had back/knee problems since I last played. Thanks to Eric’s strengthening programs, Im back doing what I love. Super great way to stay fit and get STRONG!

The main benefit I got from Eric is perfecting my form. If you know lifting, you know form is everything! I have added more than 50 pounds to each of my main workouts, bench, deadlift, shoulder press, and squat. Eric pays close attention to your form at each workout and helps you get stronger and avoid injury. Also, something that I had to pick up (moving into corporate life) was managing my diet. Eric is also a nutritionist which means he has the keys to your success regardless of your lifestyle.

This man is knowledgeable and wants to help! This is what pointed me towards this trainer. Soo… get in the gym!”

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