Jill M. for husband Jeff

“Eric has worked for years with my sister-in-law and she highly recommended him when I wanted to give my husband a gift of a personal trainer for this birthday – this was actually a selfish gift because I wanted to get him off high blood pressure pills and start him on a healthy weight loss program.

He is an engineer – so following a plan works well for him.  He worked with Eric for about 6 months and in that time, he lost 65lbs, is off both the high blood pressure pills and is so much healthier!  So we all are happy – myself, our kids and our grandkids…

Eric is steadfast in his encouragement, dedication to the task and kept my husband “tasked” the entire workout — the expression is “I’m going to go see the torturer” whenever he left for the gym, but he came back with saying “I lived!” and the results are remarkable.

Recommend Eric to anyone!”

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