Kai F.

“I highly recommend Eric’s work because he pushed me when I didn’t want to go further and didn’t let me give up no matter how much I wanted to sometimes. He was able to equally adapt our time between helping my mom and I, individually and connectedly, achieve our goals even when we were not in LA Eric FaceTimed us to keep us on track.
Sometimes if you don’t know how far your body can go it can be easy to just accept where your body is at and not want to tone more or eat healthier, but Eric takes the next step in his practice and pushed me to realize I can go further. When I worked with Eric I noticed a difference in my confidence and overall abilities I didn’t realize I had. Eric prepared me to be able to use these techniques for the rest of my life, which made every second worth it.
It can be daunting and somewhat intimidating to try to tackle health and fitness on your own. Even with the numerous resources on the internet, when you solely rely on videos as your guide through fitness, you essentially lack the intimate human interaction you need for proper form to protect your body and encouragement when all you want to do is roll over and not get up. Eric is a great instructor and I really respect his drive to keep going and push others to optimal health. He’s a walking dictionary when it comes to dietary health and will stop at nothing when it comes to helping you get your body to where you want it to be.
Thanks to Eric I was prepared to backpack across Europe this summer and not be exhausted because he taught me about the power of strength training so I was ready for the journey.
So if you have any specific goals or even just a general idea of what you want the future of your health to look like I encourage starting the conversation with Eric and working your way to ideal health as the new year approaches.”

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