Stuart R.

“Eric has been my trainer for over a year. As a man over fifty coming out of COVID lock down, my body was crazy out of shape! While I have a movement background, I was pretty ignorant about weight training; and the little I had done in the past, I hated. I knew it was good for bone density.  And being over fifty, I lose muscle annually if I do nothing about it. I was resolved to do it, even if I hated it. To my great surprise, I found it completely enjoyable; albeit challenging. Eric knew exactly how hard to push me without causing pain or injury. I gained muscle, strength, and increased body confidence. While I have knowledge in nutrition, I didn’t expect Eric’s knowledge to eclipse my own; and he had a sense of humor about it which is rare. You will not find another trainer with more care and knowledge about fitness. He is much more than a trainer. Don’t be a schmuck. Call him and get to work.“

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