Tim D.

“Eric is amazing!

I’ve never had a more patient, yet persistent trainer in my life. He is so knowledgeable about both nutrition and fitness, I feel like the educational side of it alone is worth the money! He took the time to teach me not just what to do in the moment to achieve my goals, but also how to build a sustainable routine of good eating and health habits that will stick with me for life.

On the strength side of things, he got me hooked on compound exercises that have helped me build functional strength that I’m able to use in my every day life. Not only that, but I asked him specifically to help me with jumping higher to help with beach volleyball and he put together a personalized sand workout program for me that focuses on the muscles and techniques needed to jump in sand!

Hiring a personal trainer was tough for me after not seeing results from past trainers. It’s a big commitment financially for a service that may not get you any closer to your goals. Choosing Eric was the best decision I’ve made from a health perspective and I am finally seeing results that speak for themselves. I have used a few personal trainers over the last few years and can say with certainty that nobody compares with Eric.

I encourage anybody reading this who might be thinking a personal trainer is right for them to look no further, Eric is your guy. The rest of the amazing reviews on here speak for themselves, you won’t regret it!”

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