The Low Bar Back Squat

The squat… the most important exercise that everyone should be doing. It works out almost every muscle in your body as well as incorporates balance and cardio. IMO the best type of squat to perform is the low bar back squat. It puts the bar a little lower on your back and thus requires more muscle activation (lower back and hamstrings) than other forms of the squat. It also takes more pressure off of the knees than the high bar back squat and other squat variations. ⠀

Cues to follow… butt back, knees out over your feet and nipples pointed towards the floor. Take a deep breath at the top of the movement and hold your breath until you are back at the top. Also, make sure to perform full (hip crease just below the knees) below parallel squats. If you’re not doing that, you’re only cheating yourself and your gains. ⠀

Have more questions or want coaching, dm me or contact me at (link in the profile). ⠀

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