Do you know how to Deadlift? You better!!

The Deadlift: The 3rd most important exercise. If done correctly, it should end up being the exercise that you can lift the most weight on out of all the exercises you do; and it works out your entire body. Also, if done correctly (learn the correct form from a knowledgeable coach and not a muscle head at the gym), it is extremely safe for your back. Actually, it’s the exercise that will make a bad painful back feel brand new and pain free again. ⠀

Check out my clients form here: back in tight extension. Bar always over the middle of his feet and touching his body. Breath taken and held starting at the bottom. Abs tight. Back tight. Proper head angle. Head down and eyes forward. Full lock out at the top without over leaning/arching. Great job buddy!⠀

Looking for a great coach, look no further than⠀

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