Live your life on your terms 😊

Most people are living in constant fear and scarcity. Fear that that will run out of money. Or that they will be alone. Or that they will lose their job. Or even that they are just wasting their life working at a job they don’t like. They are afraid to take a step back and appreciate what they do have. Good friends. A loving family. A roof over their head. Food in their belly. Another day of being alive.

I don’t believe that life is about working a 9 to 5 job trying to live up to what other people perceive that I should have; or even strive for. Life is short. I live for the moment. I may not have a house or a family; but I do have and appreciate my life and the things and people I have to share it with. And maybe someday I will have those things. But they don’t define me and they won’t be what makes me happy.

I love being alive. I love having my freedoms. I live in the now and I smile knowing that I can achieve anything I want in life; and I don’t need to sacrifice my happiness for it!

Have a great/blessed day!

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