Blanca R.

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND ERIC. This was my first experience with a trainer and the first time I did anything serious about my health. To be honest, I was not thrilled to begin this journey that was gifted to me from some very concerned Sons of mine.

I started with Eric as a 51 year old woman with very arthritic knees, obese, literally off-balance, and taking lots of asthma medication.   What started as a 3-month trial ended in a 7-month commitment to myself. Eric taught me about nutrition and the foods I was eating that triggered not only my asthma, but full body inflammation. With Eric’s guidance I learned to eat better, to meal prep and to exercise, all while keeping an eye on my lab work and health. Through this journey I lost a few pounds, I strengthened my core, alleviated the pain in my knees, and regained my balance. Best of all, I came off ALL my asthma medication to the surprise of my allergist that was focusing on controlling my asthma through more and more medication.

This was not easy for someone like me who was not agile nor comfortable in her body. Eric made working out fun, I appreciated his sense of humor and never condescending attitude. He will definitely give you back what you put in. Eric is the best investment ever made to myself.
From the bottom of my heart Eric, I thank you. I appreciate you, your expertise,  and your patience with me. I recommend Trainer/Hero Eric James Hanusa 150%, worth every penny.”

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