Jason L.

“Training with Eric, really made me rethink about how I can approach on exercise, diet, and how I need to take care of my body as a whole. Eric was my first personal trainer that I enjoyed working out, communicating, and the most professional. How I perceive food has changed my life and learning how to make better food choices was something he simplified for me. Eric was completely understanding when I couldn’t follow some dietary recommendations and accommodates my body goals/needs.

I’ve been training with Eric for 2 months and lost a lot of my hidden fats that I wanted to remove through healthier diet and exercise. He was honest with me the whole time and people around me started to tell me that I look like I lost a lot of weight. His fitness nutrition and fitness knowledge is so meticulous and customizes the workout regimen towards me knowing that everyone is different. I feel a lot stronger and started to be more body confident. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.”

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